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Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

press release [29-09-2010] | photo gallery | ministry`s agenda


On Tuesday, 28 September 2010, the second debate on the draft Government Decision on the approval of the Framework regulations regarding the placement of advertising means was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, with the participation of representatives of advertising operators.

Those present stressed the necessity to regulate this area, estimating that the project enjoys broad support among the civil society and the professionals in urban planning, architecture and heritage preservation, since the approval of this decision will provide a unitary predictable framework for the investors in the field, at a national level.

A series of problems were also identified and ways of solving them were proposed, in order to provide norms that would meet both the objectives aimed by the MRDT, and the economic objectives of the industry in this field, given that the latter directly involves a large number of people and is an important contributor to the local budget.

The MRDT representatives said that, through this project, the ministry, as the state authority in the field of urban planning and architecture, aims at providing the necessary tools to the local public administration authorities, so that, by exercising local autonomy, they would contribute to an increase in the quality of citizens` life and ensure a sustainable development of the community, with a European image, based on attractiveness and competitiveness.
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